Tutoring to a Tee

About Us

We are an online tutoring service that offers virtual, private tutoring sessions to students. We work 100% online if needed, but will offer in-person lessons to those located near our tutors. 

Our primary goal is to provide a comfortable, safe, and judgment-free environment that fosters learning and confidence. 

We follow a teaching philosophy of "repetitio est mater studiorum", a Latin proverb that means "repetition is the mother of all learning". We believe that through repetition and action, students are able to better learn and understand the material.

How We Approach Online Tutoring

Our sessions are structured to be as hands-on as possible as we believe students learn best when they are able to attempt problems themselves over simply being lectured to.

We also utilize recall practices in our sessions as we have learned that many students run into the very common problem of "I knew it when I was studying, but couldn't remember it on the test". This is a recall issue that can be helped through the practices we utilize during our sessions. 

In addition to our tutoring sessions, we offer what we call "Study PowerPoints". Throughout our time in school, we often turned our notes into animated quizzes and games on PowerPoint to give us an easy-to-use, but engaging study guide for our courses. We had a lot of success with this, as did our peers, so we made it a part of our business. 

These PowerPoints are customized to the student and can be purchased even if you are not one of our regular clients. 

If you are a client, we offer a 5% discount to you on these PowerPoints.